Home Safety Features That Save You on Property Insurance

If you own a home, property insurance is an absolute must. While it may be an aggravating expense to add to the seemingly endless list of home expenses, you can take measures to cut the costs.

Home insurance providers like

What You Should Know About Easements Before You Buy

There are literally dozens of real estate terms that you should probably understand before you sign a purchase agreement, and one of the more important ones is “easements.”

You might be alarmed to find out after you’ve bought a home

Clever Ideas to Make a Home Gym Attractive

Staying in shape is as important as creating an attractive house. The cost of a gym membership can add up over time, with monthly membership fees adding up to hundreds of dollars each year. For the same price, a homeowner

Top Home Renovations That Bring in the Highest ROI

“Is this renovation going to pay off?” It’s a question that plenty of home owners ask themselves when they contemplate a remodeling job to boost their home’s value. The answer to this question will determine how much more they can

7 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Luxurious Feel

Just because you’re not filthy rich, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have a home that you can call “luxurious.” Sure, celebrities may spend over seven figures building and designing homes that are over the top, but there are

Don’t Do These Things Before Closing on a Home

You’ve found the home of your dreams, put in an offer, and the sellers accepted.

The agreement to purchase is signed, and the closing date is set. You’re ready to crack open that bottle of champagne to celebrate. Then

Unique Bar Ideas for Serving Guests in Your Home

If you entertain regularly, you know that alcohol can be a great addition to any party. Even if you serve only beer and wine, it’s important to have a good selection to satisfy each of your guest’s tastes. But the

Plant Killer? Learn Where to Place Plants in Your Home

Not everyone is born with a green thumb. While some people can spend hours in the garden, creating a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood. You, on the other hand, plant something and watch it die, even when

Negotiating a Lease Agreement? 4 Things That Are on the Table

Many landlords typically put their tenant prospects through the ringer in attempts to make sure they’re not letting just any delinquent move into their investment property. After the interview process takes place, calls to previous landlords or other references are