Can’t Be Missed Brunch Hotspots in Orange County

In the food world, brunch is America’s favorite past time. Who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch, or better yet, one with bottomless mimosas? It’s a wonderful way to spend a leisurely morning, and it’s the kind of meal that really …

Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Everyone is super busy these days, and often this can interfere with connecting with others on a regular basis. This is especially true in the big city, where people are consistently moving in and out of neighborhoods.

It’s been well-documented

Fastest Ways to Build Equity in Your Home

If you’ve got a mortgage on your home, not only do the regular payments you make go towards paying off your property, they also go towards building equity.

Basically, equity is the difference between your home’s value and your outstanding

Top 10 US Cities With the Highest Rent Rates

While rental prices across the nation are steadily climbing, in many cities they are spiking faster than residents can keep up with. For many, home ownership is just too expensive right now, leading them to opt for rentals in the

Space-Saving Design Ideas for Awkward Rooms

We’ve all seen rooms with awkward design elements that make it nearly impossible to hang photos, position furniture, or even walk comfortably. Whether it is a small guest bedroom, a bonus room, or an unworkable closet, when it’s in your

Snoring Rooms Grow in Popularity

It’s the middle of the night and the person next to you in bed is snoring. The sound is so loud, nothing you do seems to be able to drown it out. The only option is to take a pillow

LeBron James Sells His Coconut Grove Mansion For $13.4 Million

After a controversial move from Cleveland to the Miami Heat, basketball phenom LeBron James recently made his move back to his roots. And he’s left an opulent Miami estate home behind.

James sold his Coconut Grove mansion for $13.4 million.

The Look for Less: Hardwood Floor Alternatives

Hardwood floors remain the most popular in homes, apartments, and condominiums. They up the resale value of a property and add to the visual appeal of each of a home’s rooms. But real wood can be expensive, especially if a