Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Investment

The whole idea behind investing in real estate is to make some cash. Obviously. But there are things you can do to reap the most rewards from your investments.

Real estate has long been a sound way to collect some

10 Ways to Cut Back Waste at Home

Take a guess at how much waste the average American produces in just one day. If you said 4 pounds, you’re bang on. Considering there are about 320 million people in the country, that’s a lot of waste! Even when

9 Out of 10 of the Priciest Real Estate Markets in the Country Are in California

There is so much that attracts people by the hoards to California. From the climate, to the cultural diversity, to the employment opportunities, California certainly has a lot to offer. With such popularity, it’s no wonder that housing prices in

7 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2016

Ready to revamp your home’s interior? Even if a redesign hasn’t crossed your mind, you might have a change of heart when you take a gander at the following interior design trends that the fussiest top designers in the industry

Infographic: This Is What Millennials Look for In Real Estate

millennial buyer infographic

5 Key Stages of a Major Home Rehab Job

So you want to rip out your old kitchen in favor of a more modern one. Or maybe you want to completely revamp the layout of the main floor of your home. These are major rehab jobs that, while requiring

What Millennial Homebuyers Are Actually Looking For in 2016

youngmillennialcoupleMillennials have been pretty slow to embrace homeownership up until recently, for a variety of reasons. This demographic – also referred to as ‘Generation Y’ – have faced some unique obstacles and are living in a much different world than