INFOGRAPHIC: California Home Sales in February 2016


Solar is the Way to Go in Sunny California

Solar energy isn’t exactly new. It’s been around for years now, although it’s only starting to pick up steam as more and more homeowners figure out the potential cost savings in utility bills, not to mention their reduced carbon footprint.

INFOGRAPHIC: Real Estate Buzzwords Your Listing Needs to Get Attention


7 Things First-Time Sellers Need to Know Before Listing

People always learn a thing or two after having been through the process of selling a home, and those who’ve been through this rodeo once or twice probably admit that they would have done something a little different the first

Home Equity Loans 101: An Introductory Guide

Have you ever been faced with an extremely large expense? If so, you’ve likely experienced the challenges that come with trying to come up with such a huge amount of liquid cash.

Whether you need to pay for your child’s

2016 Home Plan and Design Trends in California

The modern home of today is more functional and stylish than ever before. Home builders and designers always have their fingers on the pulse of what homeowners want, which changes from time to time. While many trends in home plans

What to Check For When Reviewing HOA Documents

Condos and homes in planned communities are pretty popular these days. But buying a piece of property in a homeowners’ association (HOA) is slightly different than purchasing a conventional home.

In addition to buying the actual unit that you occupy,

How Do You Know When a Building Permit is Necessary?

You know exactly what you want to do to improve your home: a kitchen renovation, a bathroom remodel, a finished basement . . . the list can go on.

But having a vision and making it come to fruition isn’t