Your Lease is Up: Should You Renew?


Your lease is almost due to expire: should you renew it, or consider entering the world of homeownership?

It’s not uncommon for Americans to begin life on their own as a renter when moving out of their parents’ homes or

6 Tips to Ensure a Prompt Closing


The entire homebuying process can take a long time. Imagine all the homes you have to look at before you find “the one.” Even after you’ve negotiated a deal and your offer is accepted, there’s still the escrow period to

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Having the flexibility to head over to your very own retreat without having to find availability is fantastic. It’s like home away from home, a place that you can set up as you please and outfit with all the things

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A real estate contract can be confusing for both buyers and sellers, especially for first-timers. Not only is there plenty of jargon that many may not be familiar with, there are also many deadlines stipulated that must be met. Failure

6 Things That Buyers Should Never Compromise in a Home Purchase


Buying a home is a big deal. It’s a huge financial investment and therefore one that should be made with careful consideration.

But let’s face it: if you’re sticking to a specific budget, the odds of checking off absolutely every

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When it comes to buying a home, you’ve got options; namely, should you buy new construction, or an older home?

The pros of buying new construction are obvious: brand new appliances and systems that are less likely to break down

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Your home is a huge investment, so you obviously want the sale to be as successful as it can be. Unfortunately, many newbie sellers can actually sabotage their own sales without even realizing it. If you want to give yourself

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When it comes to buying a home, a mortgage is almost always a part of the process. But as common as they are, mortgages can often be highly confusing. That said, it’s in your best interests to become familiar with